Our friends

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy local, and that is kind of the same thing…” – Keep it in the family and celebrate the uniqueness of our community!”

We would like to introduce and recommend some of our favourites to you:

Natural Energy


Our roomies in the Orange Building, these guys are always full of energy. Go check out their surf gear, rent a SUP board or go for a surf lesson. They are always friendly and super helpful.

Email me: mail@example.com

Soul Cafe

Local Cafe & Eatery

A very well hidden gem on the Strand beachfront, this tiny little cafe has a lot of Soul. Their menu has a surprizing variety and their berry smothie is a winner!

Pop in after a movement session for a cup of coffee and a chat!

Email me: mail@example.com

Happy Pants

Local Yoga Pants designer

We are all huge fans of Harpur Smith Happy Pants. Their colourful designs and perfect fit is an all time favourite. Get in touch with them for super comfy, good quality yoga pants.

Email me: mail@example.com

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