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Ocean Movement Studio is owned and managed by three yoga teachers with a passion for all things health and wellness!

“The three of us met on our yoga teachers training and formed a very special connection right from the start. After becoming room mates on a yoga retreat, the bond grew even stronger. We share a passion for movement and yoga and self-development and health and saving the planet and the ocean, oh and the moon – we could go on forever, but you get the picture.

When we discovered this beautiful studio space right here in the Helderberg, it was love at first sight for all of us. Soon after this, we just knew that there was a calling to join forces and somehow spread our love for movement and health. We can say “and the rest is history”, but truth is, this is only the start!

From rainbow coloured backgrounds we have so much in common, but also celebrate diversity and encourage each other and all our students to let their individuality shine! We would love to meet you in person, but for now, let us introduce ourselves to you here…

The ocean yoginis


the foodie & graceful yogini

My yoga journey has been all about cultivating and refining self-love and acceptance. I enjoy various styles of yoga, and teach an easy self-love vinyasa class as well as relaxing Yin yoga to wind down & de-stress.

I am a full time chef and in my free time I love to forage mushrooms in the winter and spend my time in the mountains during the blissful summer months!

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Potential developer and yogini

I am a mother, sister and yogini. Yoga has been part of my personal growth journey for many years and I am passionate about sharing the love! Join me for a Healing Hatha yoga class or a yoga love party.

I am passionate about youth development and have big visions for the future of our country.

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Beachbum and creative

I love how, throughout my life, yoga has reminded me of the important things in life. For me, yoga has been the journey of slowing down and focusing on gratitude. I love how health and exercise can bring about so much self-development and contentment with life.

I love the effects of various yoga styles, but enjoy a good workout. I teach a strong Ocean Flow Vinyasa as well as a slower, more mindful Healing Hatha.

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Yin Yogi and medical doctor

Nanine has graduated with a medical degree, and hopes to share her awareness of the physical body with you. She combines breathwork, meditation, visualization, movement and aromatherapy to re-establish a strong connection with yourself.

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